Article Evaluation

Article Evaluation

Evaluation of Article in the Scientific Journals of Imam Sadiq University

The Scientific Journals of Imam Sadiq University work with the mission of selecting & publishing the most qualified research in the field. In order to achieve this goal, the process of reviewing & publishing articles must be meticulously & impartially. Setting & defining the evaluation process is designed to achieve the goal of building trust in the review & dissemination process. The author(S) are requested, while carefully studying, to submit any questions to the Journal's Editor via the contact us link on the Journal's dedicated Journal system or e-mail address.

1- Recommendations before submitting an article

  1. A review of the Aims & Scope of the Journal & its suitability with the article.
  2. Follow the guidelines & style of writing & submitting university articles. That will come next.
  3. Observance of Imam Sadiq University Press Ethical Charter.
  4. Pay attention to the indicators evaluating the paper & answering the Editor / Referee's Questions & Comments in Detail. That will come next.
  5. Reviewing the Journal Acceptance Process.

2 - The paper evaluation process

  1. Sign Up For the Journal & Submit the article; by the author in charge of the article.
  2. External review of article specifications & submitted files;
  3. Submit an article on similarity tracking systems like searchenginereports, iThenticate and Samim Noor by the Executive Manager.
  4. Check the result of similarity;
  5. Initial Review of article in the areas of "Authenticity", "Subjective Communication with Journal Activity" & "Technical Quality" by The Editor.
  6. Review article by Referee(S). With reviewers evaluating the paper based on three areas of "Authenticity," "Technical Quality," & "Presentation."
  7. Appointment of an arbitrator by The Editor in collaboration with the Editorial Board.
  8. Submission of article to Referee(S);
  9. Follow-Up of articles review by the Executive Manager in collaboration with the Editor's supervision.
  10. Rejection or acceptance of the article by the Editor in collaboration with the Editorial Board.
  11. Announcing rejection, correction & acceptance to the author by the Executive Manager in collaboration with the Editor's supervision.

3- Article evaluation indices

  1. Balanced distribution & processing of content & its categorization;
  2. Logical relevance abstract, introduction, text, conclusion & conclusion;
  3. Acceptance & coherence of content & avoidance of marginal issues;
  4. Reasonable & scientific expression of content;
  5. Innovation, presenting a new look at the subject & presenting new findings;
  6. Methodology of research "In Accordance With Valid Scientific Research Methods";
  7. Optimum utilization of the original & new sources & their extent;
  8. Observe the principles of scientific editing & the proper use of terms.

- Articles with each of the indicators are evaluated at three Levels of good, average, & poor.

4- Results of the paper evaluation process

  1. Rejection
  2. Conditional acceptance after minor correction; in this case, after correction, the Editor will be checked & finalized.
  3. Conditional acceptance after general correction; in this case, after correction, the article will be sent to the previous arbitrator.
  4. Final acceptance: after the final review of the article by the reviewer, initial acceptance by the Editor & final acceptance will be made at The Editorial Board meeting.

5- Reasons for rejecting the article

  1. "Rejecting the article because of similar research & research violations"; failure to pay attention to intellectual & intellectual property rights causes researchers to reject the article.
  2. "Rejection of the article due to non-compliance with the terms & conditions of the Journal"; submission of the article without regard to guidelines & style of writing & submission of the article will result in the rejection of the article.
  3. "Reject article because of inconsistency with the content of the Journal"; posting off-topic-specialized articles - The Journal will reject the article.
  4. "Rejection based on Editor / Referee's opinion"; failure to score on evaluation indices causes rejection of the article.

6- Solutions to resubmit the article

If the author objects to the reasons for rejecting the article, please submit your request to the Editor via the contact us link on the Journal's proprietary system or e-mail address:

  1. Request review / Review by Editor / Reviewer.
  2. Referee qualification request
  3. Request a review of the conflict of interest from the arbitrator