Islamic resistance, A condition for effective Islamic governmentality

Document Type : Research Article (Political Thought)


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Historical Studies of the Islamic Revolution, Islamic Revolution Documents Center, Tehran, Iran

2 PhD. in Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.


Governmentality is regulating and directing behavior with the aim of governing with the lowest possible cost. In efficient governmentality, subjects must relate to themselves in such a way (form their understanding and behavior) that they freely and creatively reproduce or update a certain order. Therefore, the basic question of the present article is as follows: How and in what way should efficient Islamic governmentality be established so that on the one hand, Islam and Islamic teachings play a significant role in shaping the understanding and behavior of the subjects, on the other hand, can the creativity and innovation of the subjects be used in order not to marginalize Islam in Muslim life? To answer this question, we must consider Islam as an immanent political force or political spirituality that is current in people's lives (not Islam as an epistemological system that should lead to the rule of law). Islam as an active political force in human life (as manifested in the Islamic Revolution) continuously shapes people's desire for change and resistance (as active forces that live on the limits), and turns them into efficient subjects who creatively apply Islam (as a social knowledge) in their daily lives and keep it efficient.


Volume 10, Issue 1
March 2023
Pages 41-66
  • Receive Date: 17 May 2023
  • Accept Date: 17 May 2023