The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Contemporary Iran and Its Impact on the Retrieval of Islamic Civilization

Document Type : Research Article (Political Thought)


Professor of Political Sciences Faculty at Imam Sadiq University


The Islamic world, beside historical and ideological factors, impacting on the general process of the Islamic civilization and its stagnation, has been facing the more serious challenge of development of the Western civilization during the last two decades. Toward this challenge, Moslem thinkers actively tried to find a religious resolution to free the Islamic world from the dominance of the Western civilization and culture, and at the same time, to reconstruct religious thought. Certainly, this reconstruction opened the path to the borders of the resurgence of the Islamic civilization, and its most salient parade is seen in the Islamic Revolution of Iran as the most perfect example among the contemporary Islamic movements. In fact, it prevented Islam from being isolate in the world. In the present paper, it will be tried to study the process of reconstruction of religious though within two frameworks of “the relationship between politics and religion” and also “Messianism” in Iran, and its impact on the retrieval of the Islamic civilization.


Main Subjects

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October 2018
Pages 21-41
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