Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2016, Pages 13-159 

Conceptual paper (Political Thought)

Introduction to the concept of power in Islam

Pages 1-10

Abolfazl Babaii

Research Article (International Relation)

Iran and India Relations in the Regional Security

Pages 11-22

Zahra Abotorabi Ardestani

Research Article (Political Sociology)

Social Order and Security in the Holy Quran and Islamic Traditio

Pages 23-46

Naser Jamalzadeh

Conceptual paper (Political Thought)

Freedom in Allameh Tabataee’s Point of View; Emphasizing on Two Concepts of Freedom of Thinking and Freedom of Idea

Pages 47-70

Mohammad Sadegh Nosratpanah; Mohammad Mehdi Seifi